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Ricotta pizzicato: Instrumental music and fine dining meet at Acoustic Cuisine
"Composer Greg Byers wants to make both fine dining and instrumental music more accessible to everyone. With Acoustic Cuisine... he’s off to a great start."
Theresa Beckhusen, City Pages (October 16th, 2017)


"You hear about music and dinner going together, but this elevated that in such a loving way. Being able to pair the food with the music really made savor and appreciate both so much more. Trying to match the flavors on my mouth with the sound I was hearing made it a very fun and interactive experience overall. Keeping instrumental music accessible is so important to me, such a good idea and it was executed so very well. I would 100% recommend and go more to this kind of thing. Music was great, food was absolutely delicious. Greg has taken two familiar concepts and combined them in a new and refreshing way."

-Anonymous Comment Card from Acoustic Cuisine

Acoustic Cuisine: A Culinary Concert for the Senses
"A symphony of delicious proportions—for both your ears and tastebuds—is coming to Mounds Theatre."
The Growler (October 12th, 2017)
The Feed
"Sunday can be pitch perfect for your ears, your gut, and your wallet if you attend this cool Acoustic Cuisine: A Culinary Concert event at Mounds Theater."
Mpls St. Paul Magazine (October 13th, 2017)
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